The last few months have been crazy, thanks to all the projects and activities keeping me busy through the end of summer and the beginning of Fall.

In July I attended the Guild of American Luthiers Convention in Tacoma, Washington. It was a great experience that gave me new insight into the world of guitar building, as well as the chance to meet and talk with many different builders like myself. I also came home with a few sets of very nice wood for future projects.

Right now I'm in the final stages of building a Myrtlewood / Port Orford Cedar dreadnought. Here are a few photos of the process from the last few weeks. This guitar is going to have a very unique look since we're combining the lighter colors of the Myrtle & Cedar with binding that has been dyed to have a blue/green tint. There is also some extra abalone being used as purfling around the top, and as sea turtles inlayed on the fretboard.

In those moments between building guitars I managed to squeeze in a fun side project for myself. For many months now I've needed to create a better storage system for some of my woodworking tools. In this case I needed to find a home for my hand saws. The traditional solution is a saw till, which hangs on the wall as a rack/cabinet for hand saws to rest in a way that protects the blades and teeth, while allowing for easy access when needed for a particular task. So, during the evenings and weekends of August I set out to build myself a saw till.

My design required several different types of joinery to be applied in various places. This gave me a chance to practice making mortise & tenon joints, and dovetail joints. This kind of woodworking doesn't usually show up in guitar building, so opportunities like this can be a refreshing alternative to my normal work.