I'm really excited about how the fretboard inlay turned out on this guitar. We decided to make a custom, nonspecific, decorative shape to be placed over the higher frets, closer to the soundhole, and some custom, ornate fret markers for the odd number frets along the rest of the neck. For the inlay material I used abalone and mother of pearl, and cut out each piece by hand with a jewelers saw before setting them into the spaces I routed with a dremel tool.
I'm very happy with the end result.

The fretboard was then glued to the neck with the truss rod and carbon fiber supports in place underneath. The next step will be adding fret wire and carving the back of the neck and heel block.

On the body of the guitar I applied the lacquer finish, which will take about

a week to fully cure before I can buff it out, bolt on the neck,  and string it up.

It's getting close.