The first step in the inlay process was to apply my logo to the headstock. This was accomplished by hand cutting the tree shape from a piece of mother of pearl, and routing the same shape into the ebony on the headstock. After a bit of glue and sanding it was time to move on to the fretboard inlay.

The next step in the inlay process was a bit more complicated. As I have mentioned before, the plan was for a coastal scene involving a lighthouse and sand dunes representing the city of Ludington, MI. I wanted to the dunes to be inlayed with maple, walnut, and some oak from trees that were felled in Ludington. And my plan for the lighthouse was to use mother of pearl, abalone, and black mother of pearl. Each piece was hand cut and sanded, and then glued in place with CA glue. After some final sanding and radiusing of the fretboard, and recutting of fret slots, the inlay is in place and the fretboard is now ready to be glued to the neck.