As this build is drawing to a close I find myself with a short list of final steps in the process. The first of which is the cutting and shaping of the nut and saddle. These pieces are made of bone and are very delicate, so any filing and cutting has to be done carefully to avoid chipping or splitting. The saddle also requires a slot to be routed in the bridge, which has to be the right depth and size to allow the saddle to have an exact fit. After that I installed the frets and tuning machines, and did some final buffing and polishing on the guitar body before bolting the neck on and tuning it up.

I always have mixed emotions when I complete a guitar build. I'm happy to see it done and moving on to a good home, but after focusing on it for several weeks I can't help but miss it a little. Fortunately I don't have much time to dwell on it, then next build is already here. More on that next time.