After a nice, long Holiday break my workshop is calling to me. It's time to fire up the portable heaters and get back to building. I've been thinking about my next project, and there are still a few details that are undecided. Since this particular instrument is not commissioned and doesn't have an owner yet that it's destined to be paired with, I get to have all the fun making decisions about size, woods, inlay etc. My initial thoughts are to use a set of Myrtlewood that I handpicked from a wood supplier at a luthier convention in Tacoma last Summer. I'm really excited about the look of this particular set of side and back pieces, and I can't wait to hear how they sound. I also have an Engelmann Spruce top that looks like it will match nicely with the Myrtle. The binding will likely be Ebony, and I'll use Adirondack Spruce for the bracing as usual. I haven't decided yet though what size and shape to make it, and what to do for the rosette around the soundhole. I'll also have to be thinking about inlay for the fretboard as the build progresses.

Along with the redesign of this website I'm also introducing and formally naming the 3 sizes and body shapes that I'm going to be offering. They are the MB-1, MB-2, and MB-3. The MB-1 is similar to a traditional concert shape, but wider at the waist, and deeper overall. The MB-2 is an OM style body, and the MB-3 is a classic dreadnought shape. Each of these start at $3500 with lots of options for upgrades and customization with woods, inlays, and hardware. I think this guitar is going to be an MB-3. Maybe.